Shake A Paw !

The easiest way to bring
fresh food to your pups bowl

How Does Poonch Works?


Tell us about your pup

Take the quiz and tell us everything about your pup (age, weight, allergies, etc.)


Sign Up For A Trial Pack

Try out our trial packs (consisting of all three recipes) and let your pup decide what they like


We’ll Formulate The Right Plan

Based on your dog’s profile, we will calculate their caloric requirements & customize the recipes


Delivery Right At Your Doorstep

Your pup’s food will arrive on a flexible, regular schedule, right to your door!


Easy To Serve Meals

We deliver pre-portioned, ready-to-serve food packs. Just thaw, tear, and pour in the bowl!

Get Started

Profile as perfect as your pup

You tell us about your pup and we will calculate their caloric requirements! Based on their caloric needs, we will recommend you the ideal meal plan.

Give your pup a taste of Poonch meals

Unsure of a new start? Choose from our variety trial packs, consisting of all three Poonch recipes (250 gms each). And switch to a subscription if your pup likes Poonch food!

Customized meal plans

We create your dog’s meal plan based on their caloric requirements (we calculate!) and recommend a precise portion to meet their needs.

Food delivered right at your door

Once you choose a meal or subscribe to our top-up plan (50% Poonch food mixed with 50% of your pup’s regular food) or a full plan (100% Poonch food to fulfill their needs), we will deliver boxes right at your doorstep every week.
Just store the food in a freezer and thaw it in the fridge before serving!

Ready-to-eat food!

We deliver pre-portioned packs of food for fuss-free feeding! Follow your custom feeding guidelines to ensure your pup is getting the right amount of food. You can store it in the freezer (if unopened) for 7-10 days and feed it (if opened) within 2 days.