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+ General

+ How Much Should I Feed My Dog?

We have a developed a proprietary algorithm to recommend a daily calorie amount and corresponding portion size based on your dog's specific profile (breed, weight, activity level, health issues, etc.). Take our quiz to determine your dog's personalized plan. In your trial box, we'll provide detailed instructions for how much to feed your dog.

You can also choose to mix Poonch with your dog's current food by selecting the "Topper Plan" after completing the quiz. This is a great option for folks who want a healthy boost at a lower price.

+ What Are The Benefits Of Poonch?

Poonch meals were developed by a leading team of veterinarians and animal nutritionists, and are complete & balanced for puppies & adults. Our food may help your dog lose weight, improve digestion, reduce allergies, and improve skin & coat, among a number of other health benefits. All of our recipes exclude artificial ingredients and wheat, soy, gluten typically found in commercial kibble. These additives are known culprits for a number of health related issues in dogs and cats.

+ What Ingredients Do You Use?

We only use human-grade, fresh, locally-sourced ingredients in our food. It’s what we’re known for. Each recipe contains a protein, fresh fruits and veggies, and a superfood - blend of all-natural vitamins and minerals. Nothing else. Ingredients are visible, nutritious, and of the very highest quality.

+ Why Can't I Just Cook For My Dog?

Many well-intentioned dog owners cook for their pups, and we're excited when people understand the benefits of a fresh, human-grade diet for dogs. That said, research has shown that over 95% of home-cooked dog food recipes do not meet the nutritional requirements for healthy dogs. Too few (or too many!) nutrients can result in serious complications. That's why Poonch recipes were formulated by veterinarians and animal nutritionists -- so that you can sleep easy, knowing your best friend is getting exactly what they need.

+ Should I Consult With My Vet Before Switching Food?

While consulting with your veterinarian is not required to switch dog food, we encourage customers to contact their vet if they have any specific questions regarding their dog's dietary or nutritional needs.

+ How Can I Cancel Or Pause My Weekly Subscription?

You may cancel or pause your subscription at any time by emailing woof@poonch.in. Each dog's meals are cooked fresh to order, so all cancellation requests must be submitted by 5:00pm IST on the day before your next order is processed.

+ What If My Dog Doesn't Like The Food?

We give you your money back - simple as that. We provide an all variety pack - a trial pack for you dog. You can check how your dog likes our food.

+ How Should I Store My Dog’s Food?

Please place meals in the freezer immediately upon receipt. Meals may be stored in the freezer for up to 1-month. You may defrost in the refrigerator or in warm water prior to serving. Once meals are defrosted and opened, we recommend consuming within 2 days.

+ How Is Your Food Packaged?

Each meal is immediately sealed in certified BPA-free, food-safe pouches (absent of phthalates and other plasticizers), and frozen to preserve nutritional integriy.

+ Food and quality

+ How are your dog meals prepared at Poonch?

Our meals are prepared in human-grade standard kitchens, where we cook every recipe at low-temperatures. Each meal is prepared specifically for your dogs based on their weight, age, and activity levels. After the meal is cooked, it is then quickly frozen for safe shipping and better storage convenience for our customers. The food delivered is freshly prepared with no preservatives and artificial nutrients. We give our best for your pooch to love our food.

+ Why should I feed fresh food to my dogs?

All the pet food options out there assure you to contain the right balance of vitamins and nutrients in their food. However, as a dog parent, you will always want your dogs to not just survive but flourish through the food they eat. If you look around, you can see that chronic degenerative diseases, allergies, autoimmune diseases, etc have been persistent among our pets, lately. And the reason is the commercial food that has undergone various manufacturing processes.

So, whether your dogs are tackling health problems, are a fussy eater, or are perfectly fit, we’ve seen feeding fresh food to your pooch always has a positive impact on their health and body. At Poonch, you get freshly made, real, and nutritious meals for your dogs. Convenient to order and good to eat.

+ What Ingredients Do You Use?

All the ingredients used in Poonch meals are sourced from reputable food suppliers, local farms, and other human food vendors. To ensure your dogs get high-quality meals with proper amounts of nutrients, we avoid using feed-grade ingredients. Rather than processing the food to be shelf-stable, we focus on delivering fresh meals that are cooked every Saturday (especially for your pooch).

+ How are the recipes formulated?

Poonch creates simple yet healthy dog recipes using clean and sanitized tools. We have two recipes freshly prepared for your pooch- Chicken & Pulpy Pumpkin, and Chicken & Yummy Yams. We get your dog’s details and formulate each recipe to be 100% wholesome and balanced. Voila! You get a nutritious meal made with human-grade ingredients and processes.

You can find the best meal plan for your dogs here

+ Is refrigerating food necessary?

Yes! Freeze your food as soon as you receive it. Since our food is made with fresh ingredients and has no preservatives, it is essential to freeze it (you can preserve it that way). Place the food in a refrigerator or a freezer at a safe temperature. We also provide a guide on feeding and storing the food properly.

+ Do I need to cook the food received?

Absolutely not! We deliver pre-portioned and ready-to-serve healthy meals. You can directly serve the food to your dogs from the fridge or add a little hot water if your dogs love warm food.

+ How do you know which meal is perfect for my dogs?

Depending on your dog’s breed, age, weight, and activity levels we prepare an optimal meal plan. You can also tell us about the allergies your dogs are facing and we cook accordingly. The created plan is truly customized to your dog’s characteristics and requirements. We notice for every little detail while preparing meals for your dogs (so the meal is fresh as well as right for your pooch).

+ Do I need to consult my vet before switching to Poonch food?

Of course, you can! Every vet recommends freshly cooked, nutritious, and wholesome meals for dogs. So, consult your vet before switching to our food and let them know of all the details regarding our fresh food. Our meals are formulated to replace standard meals but we recommend them even for dogs with health issues because we prepare each recipe according to your dogs’ requirements.

+ Can’t I just cook food for my dogs?

Obviously, you can! We always encourage parents to cook food for their dogs. However, most of the online dog food recipes lack crucial nutrients that are necessary for your pooch. Both nutrient deficiencies and overdosing can lead to serious health complications. So, it is essential to properly calibrate your recipes before bringing it in your dog’s bowl. At Poonch, you get meal plans that contain properly balanced and healthy recipes.

+ Meal Planner

+ How to sign up for a Poonch meal plan?

The best way to get Poonch is via our Poonch Android app. You can get it here

If you prefer web version you can create plan here and tell us more about your dogs and we’ll plan the best meal for them. Just a few seconds work and you are ready!

+ How much do meals cost?

Each dog is different and a full meal plan is prepared accordingly for them. The full-meal pricing varies for every dog. So, after you have entered the details, you can easily check for the price range for our recipes on the “My Bowl” page. We deliver freshly-cooked meals right at your door. (Now you can get a healthy meal conveniently!)

+ How do you determine my dog’s approximate portions?

We ask you to submit the exact data of your dogs and then prepare the meal on that account. Taking into consideration your pooch’s age, activity level, weight, and sensitivities we adjust and create a unique plan.

+ Who manages your website and your app?

We do! Cheeku (our pup) keeps a watch too.

+ Packaging and Shipping

+ How do shipments at Poonch work?

We currently ship to the areas of Bangalore and are focussing on enlarging our units to make the shipment in more areas possible. With every Poonch meal plan, customers receive deliveries of freshly cooked food on a flexible and recurring basis. Your Poonch meal arrives in refrigerated and environment-friendly cardboard boxes.

Each serving is customized to fit your pooch’s needs and sealed in different packets, making feeding convenient for all the dog parents. Each box you receive contains packets for seven days and is re-delivered the next week as per your subscription. So, once you switch to Poonch, preparing weekly meals for your dogs becomes our responsibility.

+ How do I know if the arrived food is safe to feed?

As long as one of the packs is partially frozen and all other packs are cold, they’re safe to freeze and feed to your pup!

+ What if I am not at home when the food package arrives?

Even if you are not home when the box arrives, the insulation and ice provided will keep the food safe and cold until at least 11 pm (the day delivery arrives)

+ How to track my order?

Once your package is ready to be shipped, you’ll get a tracking link via message. You can then track the exact location of our delivery partner.

+ How flexible are deliveries from Poonch?

Poonch makes the deliveries flexible for you! You can alter the address of delivery, edit the amount of food, rush, or delay as per your needs. Once you are signed up, you can make the changes to your plan as you wish.

+ Subscription

+ When will my order arrive?

We prepare the fresh food batches every Saturday and make the shipment by Sunday or Monday. You will receive a text when your order is shipped and can easily track your order with the given link.

+ How do I make the payments?

Once you choose for a meal plan, you just have to add the destination details and make the payment directly on the app using your card. You will be then notified of your subscription. We currently support only the card payments and are working to include other payment modes too.

+ Can I cancel or re-activate my subscription plan?

For better experience and less manual work, we continue to make weekly subscriptions for your dogs’ and charge the same from your accounts. In case, you have to cancel a plan, you can easily do that and the same goes for re-activating the subscription.

+ Can I change the date of my next order?

At Poonch, you get to make weekly subscriptions. So after a subscription plan for a week is over, you can delay the next subscription as per your requirements.

+ Can I send the delivery to some other location?

Definitely! You can edit the delivery address from our app and our delivery partner will deliver the package to the mentioned location.

+ What to do with the food if I am traveling?

Feeding the Poonch food while on the move is very easy. If you are traveling with your dog’s food, prefer keeping it in an insulated container or tote along with a few ice packs to keep the food fresh and safe for a longer time.

+ Is it more convenient to order from the Poonch app?

Hassle-free services for our customers is the foremost priority for us. You can easily place orders using both our app and the website link. However, for the Poonch app, we automatically continue to re-activate your subscription every week, until you modify or cancel it. While for the website you can only place a trial order subscription.