About Us

How would you feel if you were asked to eat fast food all day, every day?

It’s not just that you’ll hate it but it will also affect your health.

Now think about our dogs! This is what we have been doing to our dogs, their whole life. Just like all pet owners, we too fed our pup with processed food items. But soon we realised the mistake, as she started getting sick. After a lot of research, we found out that we have been feeding her wrong from the beginning.

After consulting with pet nutritionists we started to feed our pup fresh food and slowly her health started getting better. That's how we started working on Poonch.

Currently, we deliver healthy dog food across Bangalore based on a simple subscription model. We only deliver customised meal plans according to your dog’s weight, age, activity level, etc. Also, don’t worry if your dogs are allergic to particular kinds of food. Our meal plans enable you to select food items, suitable for your pups.

To start with try our trial packs and see which one your pup loves before moving on to a subscription-based plan.
Switch to healthy dog food options and let them live with happiness and in good health!

Psst: All our foods are made in a human-grade kitchen with human-grade ingredients, we also only procure meat/fish which is free of antibiotics/ammonia.