Managing Your Pooch’s Everyday Calories

by Sreeraj Krishnan

Have you ever kept a count of the calories your dogs need?

Every meal you serve your pets provides calories to their body. So, it is essential to measure the number of calories your pooch requires from their diet every day.
There is a wide range of dog breeds and every breed has distinct caloric requirements. As a dog parent, you might have been concerned with the nutritional needs of your dogs. And it is important to feed them with well-balanced foods to keep them healthy, fit, and active in the long run.


Calorie Calculator

The caloric needs for every dog varies depending on their age, weight, and activity levels.

Meal planner calculator, Managing Your Pooch's Everyday Calories

Meal planner calculator, Managing Your Pooch's Everyday Calories

Need to know how many calories to feed your dogs? Let our calculator do the work for you. Just mention your pooch’s name, age, weight, and activity level and get the estimated calories you should feed your dogs per day.
Refer to the calculator here.

What to Feed and What to Avoid?

Every snack you feed your dogs, adds extra calories to their health. So, you should be very conscious of what you are feeding them. Also, not all human food can be healthy for them and sometimes it can even risk their life and health as well.
You can feed your dogs with carrots, eggs, cooked chicken, bone broth, and many other food items that can be nutritive for their body.
Dogs and humans have different metabolizations, so, foods that are good for you can actually harm your pups. So, it is always better to choose the right meal for your pooch.
For your dogs to be happy and healthy, include the right amount of calories in their meals and serve them on time.

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