How Much to Feed Your Rottweiler Dogs?

by Sreeraj Krishnan

Have you ever looked at your Rottweiler and pondered how many calories to feed them?

Rottweilers are the muscular, energetic dog breeds that need a high-quality diet to maintain their health and keep their fur shiny. And deciding the number of nutrients necessary for their growth is very important.

We all want our Rottweiler’s to be healthy and happy and the key to that is a well-balanced, healthy, nutritious diet.

General Nutrition

Rottweilers are carnivores and they love to eat meat. Meat is a very important part of their diet. But you must always check for the amount of nutrients you are providing them by feeding meat or any other food item.

Your Rottweilers need a lot of proteins in their diet. An adult Rottweiler should be served food containing 22% to 26% protein. This estimation varies depending on your Rotties’ age, weight, activity level, and metabolism rate. They need a high protein diet for maintaining their weight.

Rottweilers are more prone to food allergies and obesity. Remember that anything with high-fat content can risk their health and make them ill in the future. The healthy amount of fat content for an adult Rottweiler should be around 12% to 16%. A little more than the required amounts can lead to obesity.

It is wise to stay away from high-fat foods and measure the calories before pouring the food in their bowls.

Feeding Charts for Adult Rottweilers

Rottweilers require a variety of food items to get a balanced amount of nutrients for their body. It is essential to regulate their meals so that they get various nutrients vital for their growth and development from their diet. Also, make certain that they are not being fed calories more than their body requirement.

You can refer to the given charts for the estimated caloric values required to feed your Rottweilers.

Feeding Guidelines by Weight

Through balanced calories and proper exercise depending on your dog’s weight, you can keep them fit and active. Rottweilers generally weigh between- Males (110lbs to 132lbs) and Females (77lbs to 105lbs). They require more calories to maintain their energy levels the whole day.

Feeding charts based on weight for male Rottweilers-

Feeding guidelines for Rottweilers, diet calculator for dogs

Feeding charts based on weight for female Rottweilers-

Feeding guidelines for Rottweilers, diet calculator for dogs

Feeding Charts by Activity

Your pooch can either be very energetic or an idler all day long. Their energy levels can be classified as-

Hyper/Highly Active Rottweilers- 

Feeding guidelines for Rottweilers, diet calculator for dogs

A highly active and energetic Rottweiler needs more calories. They need approximately 2500 to 3100 calories per day from their meals. Make sure they exercise regularly to avoid getting overweight.

Inactive Rottweilers- 

Feeding guidelines for Rottweilers, diet calculator for dogs

An inactive Rottweiler with a slower metabolism rate requires fewer calories. Their daily caloric requirements are 2000 to 2500 calories. Including more calories than required can cause allergies or health problems.

Moderately Active Rottweilers-

Feeding guidelines for Rottweilers, diet calculator for dogs

Moderately active Rottweilers need calories less than the hyper Rotties. They may require 2200 to 2800 calories to maintain a healthy body.

Create A Diet Chart for Your Rottweiler Dogs

Rottweiler’s are a breed of domestic dogs and thus need more calories to maintain their muscular health. You can refer to the calculator to find the amount of calories your Rottweiler needs based on their weight and activity levels to give them a good and healthy life. 


Nutrients are the components that provide nourishments, essential for growth and a healthy body. Including proper quantities of nutrients in your Rottweiler’s diet will not only keep them healthy but will also help them from catching any health problems in the future. Rottweiler’s are highly energetic dogs and nutritional meals are an essential part of their life because a healthy diet makes a healthy Rottweiler. 

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