Feeding Guide for your Pug

by Sreeraj Krishnan

Wondering how much calories your Pug needs in a day?

Well, here’s all you need to know about feeding your Pug dogs depending on their weight, activity level, and age.

Pugs are sensitive to additives and more prone to weight gain. Everything that they consume affects their health both now as well as in the future. So, feeding them a healthy diet with the appropriate amount of nutrients is quite essential.

Since the Pugs are “brachycephalic” breeds, they suffer from respiratory problems (due to their round-shaped head and short nose) very often. Hence, it becomes very important to serve proper meals to avoid excessive weight.

Calorie Requirements

Pugs are less active and can become obese very easily. As they grow older, there is a gradual slowing down of metabolism rate and a decrease in muscle mass as well. However, a balanced diet is a vital part of their life.

The main source of nutrition in a Pugs diet include- proteins, complex carbohydrates, and fats. Thus, a proper balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that match your Pug’s nutritional requirements should be served in their bowl.

Feeding Chart for Adult Pug Dogs

As a Pug parent, your Pug means a lot to you, so naturally, you want to feed them well too. Unlike other dog breeds, Pugs are endless eaters. They love to eat irrespective of the fact that they gain weight too quickly. These small dogs are entirely dependent on what you decide to feed them. Besides this, a balanced quantity of calories is also important for them.

Since they gain pounds faster than other breeds, you have to pay special attention to their feeding amounts.

1.Feeding Guidelines by Weight

The Pugs are small dog breeds with an ideal weight of approximately 6.3 to 8.1 kg. You should always make sure to feed them meals with an adapted amount of calories to avoid obesity and unstable bone structure.

Based on their weights, the charts can be classified as below.

Feeding charts based on weight for male Pugs-

Guidelines to Feed your Pug Dogs, meal calculator of dogs

Feeding charts based on weight for female Pugs-

Guidelines to Feed your Pug Dogs, meal calculator of dogs

2.Feeding Chart by Activity Level

As your Pug ages, they become inactive and require fewer calories. They might please you with their adorable eyes and head tilts, asking for more food. But you should never overfeed them as feeding them in excess can be unhealthy for them.

Gauge your Pug’s energy level to determine how much calories they should get in a meal.

Hyper/Highly Active Pugs-

Guidelines to Feed your Pug Dogs, meal calculator of dogs

Generally, a Pug has an average activity level. In case they are not lying around the house and love to run and exercise, they will require more calories. A hyper Pug needs 485 to 800 calories in their meals per day.

Inactive Pugs- 

Guidelines to Feed your Pug Dogs, meal calculator of dogs

Most of the Pug dogs love doing no activity all day long. Hence, they need fewer calories than the active ones. You need to serve them approximately 370 to 650 calories. Their body does not need a higher amount of calories as it may lead to obesity.

Create A Diet Chart for Your Pug Dogs

Every Pug weighs different and has distinct nutritional requirements as well. The values mentioned in the food chart can vary based on their weight, age and activity levels. 

You should know the appropriate amount of calories your Pug needs to maintain proper body weight and remain healthy. Now, you can balance the nutrients you feed them by referring to the calculator and thus include the right amount of calories in their meals. 


Calories are important for your pooch’s healthy growth but don’t stress too much. You can easily calculate the nutrient requirement of your dogs and feed them the proper amounts.

It is imperative to keep a tight lid on your Pug’s diet to ensure they stay in good shape and live a healthy life.

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