Food Chart for Labradors

by Surya Gopal

Labradors are the most well-rounded, gentle, and people loving breeds of dog. Besides being an all-round family dog, rescue dog, guide dog, service dog, and fit sporting companions, Labs are famous for being the most voracious foodies as well.

Your Labradors might easily pack on pounds, so it is quite essential to closely monitor their diet to avoid obesity. Also, ensure that they get adequate exercise to keep them fit, healthy, and happy.

Feeding to Maintain Ideal Weight

The reason to feed appropriate amounts of nutrients to your Labs is not only to satisfy their hunger but also to maintain an optimum weight.

Labradors are very fond of food and are always drawn towards it. So, you need to maintain constant observation of their caloric intake.

Labs are extremely energetic, athletic, and active dog breeds. Therefore, they typically require slightly higher levels of nutrients from their diet.

Like all other breeds, your Labrador needs six basic nutrients from their everyday meals, fed in proper amounts. These include- proteins and amino acids, fats and fatty acids, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and water.

Labrador Food Chart (only for adult Labs)

As the pet parent to a Labrador, you can have a direct influence on your dog’s health by feeding them the right nutrients. Labradors require a good balance of essential nutrients to stay fit and active.

There is no standard amount to feed your Labs but meeting the caloric requirements in their daily meals is very important. The further mentioned charts can be helpful in deriving the required amounts of calories for your Labs.

1.Feeding Chart by Weight

The weight of every dog varies depending on their type and diet. On average, male Labradors weigh 65lbs to 80lbs, while female Labradors may weigh between 55lbs to 70lbs.

You can refer to the following charts to know the estimated calories required to feed your pooch.

Feeding chart based on weight for male Labs-

Food Chart for Labradors, results of diet calculator for dogs

Feeding chart based on weight for female Labs-

Food Chart for Labradors, results of diet calculator for dogs

Feeding Chart by Activity Levels

How much your dogs eat depends on their size, age, metabolism, and activity level. Here’s how you can decide their caloric requirements based on their activity levels-

Hyper/Highly Active Labs- 

Food Chart for Labradors, results of diet calculator for dogs

Typically, an adult, active Labrador needs between 1600 to 2150 calories per day to maintain a healthy body. They need more proteins and other nutrients from their diet to work and exercise well.

Inactive Labs

Food Chart for Labradors, results of diet calculator for dogs

Inactive Labradors that lie around the house and hardly put any effort to work need fewer calories in their meals. An inactive/senior Labrador will need approximately 1300 to 1725 calories per day. 

Moderately Active Labs-

Food Chart for Labradors, results of diet calculator for dogs

Moderately active or less active Labs need 1500 to 1950 calories to get the energy to walk, run, and exercise.

Create A Diet Chart for Your Labradors

Your Labs can weigh 60lbs or 70lbs or more. You can’t just rely on the given estimations to feed your pooch. The values mentioned in the food chart can vary for every Labrador based on their weight and energy levels. 

So, it is better to find the exact amount of calories your Labradors need by yourself. Refer to the calculator to find the appropriate amount of calories your Labs need to lead a healthy, happy and active life.

Summing Up!

Labradors are very active, athletic, and working dogs. They depend on their food to get energy. The most important thing you can do for your Lab is to feed them well because a well-balanced diet is always right. 

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