Diet Chart for German Shepherds

by Sreeraj Krishnan

Whenever it comes to choosing foods for your dogs, you always choose the best one. But do you know it is equally essential to feed your pooch on a proper diet chart?

Being a German Shepherd parent, you might know that they have certain health and physical requirements that can only be met with high-quality food, fed in proper amounts, and at the right times. Your German Shepherds are strong and active dogs that are quite energetic and love physical exercise. They need a power-packed diet to keep them fit and active. So, it is quite essential to always put the right nutrients in their bowl.

Nutritional Requirements of a German Shepherd

German Shepherds require a greater content of protein in their diet. Higher amounts of protein in their diet not only plays a vital role in their growth but is also efficient in regulating their body temperature.

Besides this, fat is another nutrient required by a German Shepherd. As per AAFCO, German Shepherds should be fed 5%-8% fats in their meals to keep their fur healthy. However, avoid feeding too many fatty acids to your dogs as it can be harmful to their body.

It is thus necessary to feed a German Shepherd with a high energy diet to keep them active.

German Shepherd Feeding Chart (only for adult GSD’s)

Just like humans, German Shepherds have a specific feeding amount and nutritional requirements. They should always be fed in appropriate amounts because overeating can cause blood sugar levels to spike and the opposite can cause malnutrition.

The mentioned charts can be a helpful asset to know of proper feeding guidelines for a German Shepherd dog.

1. Feeding Guidelines by Weight

The weights of German Shepherds can vary, making their feeding plan a bit complicated. The average weight of adult GSD’s by gender can range between- Males (30-40 kgs) and Females (22-32 kgs). Fortunately, you can refer to the given charts to get the estimated caloric value to feed your pooch.

Feeding chart based on weight for male GSD’s-

Diet Chart for German Shepherds

Feeding charts based on weight for female GSD’s-

Diet Chart for German Shepherds

2. Feeding Guidelines by Activity

German Shepherds should be fed based on their energy levels. These can be classified as-

Hyper/Highly Active GSD’s

Diet Chart for German Shepherds


In the case of active German Shepherds which exercise regularly, you are required to feed them 1600 to 2400 calories daily. They require more calories to be able to function properly. 

Inactive GSD’s

Diet Chart for German Shepherds

For inactive German Shepherds, you need to feed approximately 1400 calories to 1650 calories per day. This applies to all the GSD’s that do not exercise regularly and are inactive.

Moderately Active GSD’s

Diet Chart for German Shepherds

For moderately active GSD’s, you can feed them 1500 to 1900 calories every day. They require fewer calories compared to active and working German Shepherds.

Create A Diet Chart for Your GSD’s

The values mentioned in the food chart can vary for every canine based on their weight and energy levels. You know your GSD’s more than anyone else. So, what is better than calculating the feeding amount by yourself?

Refer to the calculator to find the appropriate amount of calories your German Shepherd needs to grow healthy,  and remain energetic throughout their life.


Feeding German Shepherds with food items that keep them healthy and fit is important. Selecting the best food and serving it to your dogs according to a particular diet plan is also an essential step in feeding. German Shepherds are the most active and loving dogs and are worth taking care of. So, next time you feed them, follow a specific diet chart to keep them well-fed and healthy.

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