• What is Inflammation in Dogs - How To Reduce It?

    by Manya Vaish What is Inflammation in Dogs - How To Reduce It?
    Inflammation in your dogs is a natural response from their immune system that helps in healing the injured tissues. You can help your dogs lead a healthy life by giving them fresh and balanced meals that contain an appropriate amount of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Here’s how you can know of inflammation in your pup’s and reduce it.
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  • How Much to Feed Your Rottweiler Dogs?

    by Sreeraj Krishnan Feeding guidelines for Rottweilers, Rottweiler
    Rottweilers are the muscular, energetic dog breeds that need a high-quality diet to maintain their health. It is wise to stay away from high-fat foods and measure the calories before pouring the food in their bowls.
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  • Food Chart for Labradors

    by Surya Gopal Food Chart for Labradors, Black Labrador
    Labradors are very fond of food and are always drawn towards it. There is no standard amount to feed your Labs but meeting the caloric requirements in their daily meals is very important.
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  • Feeding Guide for your Pug

    by Sreeraj Krishnan Guidelines to Feed your Pug Dogs, pug on bed
    The main source of nutrition in a Pugs diet include- proteins, complex carbohydrates, and fats. Thus, a proper balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that match your Pug’s nutritional requirements should be served in their bowl.
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  • Feeding Guide for Golden Retrievers

    by Sreeraj Krishnan  Feeding Guide for Golden Retrievers, golden retriever in a field
    Golden Retrievers are extremely active dog breeds and you need to feed them according to their unique dietary requirements. They require a proper amount of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids from their diet.
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  • Diet Chart for German Shepherds

    by Sreeraj Krishnan Diet chart for German Shepherds, German Shepherd sitting

    Just like humans, German Shepherds have a specific feeding amount and nutritional requirements. They should always be fed in appropriate amounts because overeating can cause blood sugar levels to spike and the opposite can cause malnutrition.

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  • Managing Your Pooch’s Everyday Calories

    by Sreeraj Krishnan dog eating bone stick, Managing Your Pooch's Everyday Calories
    Need to know how many calories to feed your dogs? Let our calculator do the work for you. Just mention your pooch’s name, age, weight, and activity level and get the estimated calories you should feed your dogs per day.
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