Indoor Activities You Can Do With Your Pup

by Manya Vaish

Do you feel that this pandemic has reduced the time you used to spend on walks with your pup?

Well, with increasing steps towards social distancing and quarantining, pet parents have narrowed their dog’s walks to more indoor activities and exercises. Being stuck at home or not, doing activities with your pups is always fun. This way, you can enrich their mind and help them remain healthy and active.

Studies have found that a lack of play can cause up to 22 different behavioral issues in your dog. These undesirable behavior include- aggression, pulling on the lead, anxiety, whining, and not coming when called.

So, whatever your pups prefer, we are sure they will be grateful for spending some extra time with you! Here are some high-energy activities for dogs who love to work and some low-key activities for those who are the happiest on the couch.

Obstacle Course

Obstacle Course as an indoor activity to do with your pup

Image by myollie

Whether your pooch is over-active or you both are just getting bored in the house, you can create an indoor obstacle course for fun. You can use broken cardboard boxes for them to crawl through, place chairs to navigate through, and even stack few objects (like books or cushions) to jump over.

You can place a treat at the end of the course or jump along with your pup for keeping them entertained.

Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasure as an indoor activity to do with your dog

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Did you know that your dog possesses up to 300 million olfactory receptors in its nose? They definitely have a remarkable sense of smell. And the best way to exercise that sense of smell is by playing a game that uses it.

Collect a few small boxes or empty containers and arrange them upside down. Place a treat under one of them and let your pup sniff and find it. When they accurately identify the box with the treat, congratulate them, and reward them with that treat as a prize.

Teach The Tricks

Teach tricks to your dogs like: sit, wait, come, stay, down, leave, etc.

Photo by Pixabay

Need to do something that takes less space and is productive? Teach your pet a few tricks! Sit, Come, Stay, Down, Leave It are all tricks that can be done in small spaces indoors. Make sure to give them treats after they learn each command so that they remember it for the future.

Every dog parent wants their happy puppy to obey what they say and be disciplined. Teaching your dogs to respond to your basic commands can be a very helpful and productive activity.

Toys In The Basket

teach your dog to put their toys in a box or basket

Image by gettyimages

If your furball has a basic understanding of fetching and dropping an object, you can even teach them to clean (pick and drop) their toys when asked. This a great activity to work on if your pup keeps pulling a new toy every now and then and dumps them everywhere in the house.

Offer your pup a toy and let them take it in their mouth. Then train them to drop the toy on command. Once they learn to do it consistently, ask them to drop the toy in a basket/box. Then teach them to pick the toy from a place and drop it in a basket. It might take some time, but be patient. Don’t rush your pup to learn it quickly and watch them picking their toys and leaving the place clean later.

Wild Sits

dog doing wild sits as an indoor activity

Photo by Chris Johnstone on Unsplash  

This a fun exercise for both you and your pup, to trigger excitement and see the happy puppy face. While your pooch is on the leash, make them do activities like jump up and down, cheer, or run around (anything to get them excited). Then suddenly, ask them to sit.

This activity can take some practice and time, depending on how hyperactive your pet is. However, after a few tries, your dog will learn to go from a state of excitement to sitting patiently on command.


Hide and seek with dog as indoor activity

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Hide-and-Seek will surely bring you down to memory lane when you were a kid. But what’s good is you can still play this game (with your pup). For this game to be successful, your pets should be known to the following commands- sit, come, and stay.

Take your dog in a room and ask them to sit. Now go and hide in a different room or some other location in the house. After finding a perfect hiding spot, call their name to encourage them to find you. Celebrate their victory, once they’ve figured out where you are!

The game can be more exciting with several people involved. The goal here isn’t winning but to keep your dog happy and active.

Guess The Hand

Play guess the hand with your dog as indoor activity

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For dogs who are more of a couch potato, this is the best fun activity to keep them a little busy. It is also a great brain training exercise for your pets.

To start with, hold a treat in one of your hands and close both the palms to form a fist. Now show both the hands to your dog and let them sniff and guess the fist with the treat. If they choose the correct hand, reward them with a treat. If don’t, give them another chance and watch them enjoy!

Spa Day

Spa day with your dog as indoor activity

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Stuck in the house or not, a spa day is a perfect time to spend with your pooch. This could include- brushing teeth, happy baths, brush out, ear cleaning, trimming nails, and even a good massage session.

However, if your pup hates baths or any other grooming activity, this can be the best time to improve its comfort level. For instance, if your pup doesn’t like to get brushed, go slowly, use positive reinforcement, offer them treats, and keep the sessions short. Also, if they don’t enjoy brushing teeth or ear cleaning, or if you are unable to carry on any grooming activity on your own, consult your vet.


Photoshoot with your dog as indoor activity

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You might be capturing your pet’s activity in your camera the entire day. But what about getting them ready for some photoshoot?

To do a fun photoshoot, you can dress your pets in fun costumes, add some accessories like bandanas or bow ties, and also add some fun filters. Click the pictures and share them on social media to bring smiles to other pet parent’s faces.


Tug-of-War with your dog as indoor activity

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Little space and extremely active dog? Tug-of-war is the best game to burn some extra energy even in a small space. This activity not only provides some exercise to both of you but also strengthens the bond.

Toss the tugger away from you and let your dog hold it with his mouth. Now move the toy back and forth slightly to foster the interest and engage them in a gentle game of tug. Be careful around the furniture and make sure to lighten the mood if your dog becomes aggressive.

If you have two or more dogs, teach them to play tug together!

Keep Away

Playing catch with your dog as indoor activity

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Have two or more people at home? Keep away is the best game to play with your pets. You can play this in your backyard/garden or even if you have some space indoors.

Take a small and soft item and throw it at each other while your dog tries to get it. It can be a good exercise and a fun activity for your dog to engage with all the members of the house.


playing fetch with your dog as indoor activity

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Who says Fetch is just an outdoor game? If your pup loves to play fetch, take the game indoors. This game works best if you have a long hallway or some open space inside the house. Also, it can help in giving your pup’s a little extra exercise.

For this, you can even re-arrange the furniture temporarily (to create more space). Just throw a ball, rope, toy, or any other soft object and let your dog bring it back to you.

Apart from the traditional fetch game, you can even teach your dog some useful activities like- bring an object from a place, etc. Make sure to clear the fragile items for a better and safe game.

Why Is Spending Time With Your Dog So Important?

While your life is busy, filled with work, errands, and family activities, it is also essential to spend some quality time with your pup. No matter what your schedule is, giving time to your pets- playing games with them or doing any other activity can strengthen your bond. 

Here are some physical and emotional benefits of spending time with your dog:

  • Increase happiness levels (for both you and your pup).
  • Reduces stress and helps fight loneliness.
  • They can be the ultimate workout partner.
  • Dogs can help improve your social life.
  • You both get to know each other better.
  • More smiles, cuddles, licks, and snuggles every day.

Playing games with your dog even for a short period can help them combat obesity and also keeps them mentally fit.

What’s Better Than Happy Puppy Times?

Everyone says that playing games with your dogs are fun, but what we don’t often consider is that the benefits go beyond just having fun. Adding in a little playtime to your pet’s everyday schedule is one of the easiest ways to enrich their life and health. 

Even if for few hours a day, take some time to play with your dogs. Teach them a trick, have a grooming day, play games, do fun activities, or anything that keeps you both together. This way, you not only teach them basic manners and commands but also make them feel important.

So, even if for a happy face, do it for your pups!