Why You Shouldn’t Feed Dry Food To Your Dogs Regularly

by Surya Gopal

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Are you among the 89% of dog owners who feed their dogs with processed food regularly?
If I tell you right away that it is not a very healthy option for your dogs, then you might ask me about the dogs that have been surviving out of it for many years. Yes, of course, they have been surviving but can you state that they are growing gracefully?
 If you look around, you can see that chronic degenerative diseases, allergies, autoimmune diseases, cancers, kidney failures etc have been persistent among our pets, lately. All these pinpoints at our unhealthy feeding habits.
A perfect diet for your dog should contain the right amount of water, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. Generally, your dog diets should be made up of at least 45% carbs, 30% proteins and 25% fat. Although some of the pre-processed dog food meets this requirement, people are very less informed about the quality of nutrients present in it.

What’s In Your Dog’s Bowl Now?

The major ingredients of your ‘easy-to-serve’ dog food are corn, poultry by-products, corn gluten meal, animal fats preserved with BHA and so on. This might look normal to you until you know how each of these products will affect your dog.

Ingredient Analysis

As you can see, there are a lot of grains involved. The best food for your dogs is always grain-free because your pups are not very good at digesting grains. Too many grains can bring gastric troubles in your poor pups’ tummies.  If you look into the ingredients list once more, you’ll notice that there are just too many grains including corn gluten meal, soybean meals and ground whole wheat for your dogs to process.
How can corn be the major ingredient in a dog’s food when you know that dogs cannot digest it well and in worst cases may even cause allergies in them? Corn is an inexpensive ingredient that gets added in ample quantities as fillers but your dog is going to have a hard time digesting them. 


Colours and dyes are also being a part of your daily dog food routines.  Most of the processed dry foods for dogs come with colours and dyes added to it. These ingredients are mostly used for human food, just for enhancing the appeal but you dogs can’t recognise the colour of their food and nor will it attract them to eat more. All it does is cause unwanted issues in you pups digestive system. 
The chicken by-product used in your dog food is also mostly the waste products from poultry farms that cannot be used for its meat. Its is usually just the skin, beak, meat bone meal etc. So next time before you feed your dogs with these, take a minute to think if your dog really gets enough nutrients from it?
BHA that is used to preserve the animal fats in all processed dog foods is believed to cause cancer. This is a major concern while feeding these to your dog. It may eventually lead to many life-threatening diseases.  

How to Choose Food For Your Dogs

Buy food for your dog only after reading its ingredients list carefully. While selecting food for your dogs make sure that they are made without any preservatives or artificial ingredients. 
If you find components like  BHA, BHT or ethoxyquin in your product’s ingredient list, then probably you should never buy it. These are mostly pesticides which are known to damage kidney tissues in rats. So it can have after-effects in your dogs as well.
Proteins are a very important part of your dog’s diet. But at the same time, all proteins are not good for them.  Most of the proteins in this processed food are plant-based which will not satisfy your dog’s physical and nutritional requirements.
Genetically modified corn, soy etc and gluten-high wheat are all unnecessary ingredients that are really not required in your dog’s diet. All these ingredients can eventually lead your dogs to allergies, inflammatory bowel diseases and sometimes even cancer.

Bottom Line

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Pooch parents who have the intention of giving their dogs, the best food available in the market also end up buying these pre-processed foods, which in fact does more harm than good to their dogs.  Even the most expensive dry kibbles reach you after extensive treatments.
These kibbles that finally come to you are ripped off from their natural goodnesses and they fail to give your dogs any proteins or minerals. They tend to lead your dogs to many deadly diseases all the while keeping them under-nourished.  Feed them fresh and healthy food and they will stay with you happily for a long time.

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