How to groom your dog's nails

by Surya Gopal

Grooming nails is one of the essential habits to keep your dogs in good health and hygiene. Trimming your dog’s nails at home is not as easy as it looks.

For very active dogs who run around on hard surfaces, trimming toenails might be required once a week. But for other dogs, it is better if you groom their nails twice a week.

Here’s What You Need to Know

Nail trimming and grooming can be a tough task for both you and your dogs. The best way to prepare yourself is by getting proper training from your vet or a professional groomer for the same.

Your dog might not be a fan of getting his claws trimmed, so it is better if you start from an early age. This will help to develop a habit for your dogs, and they will not fear it after some time. 

Dogs who go for a regular walk, wear down their nails naturally from walking on the hard paths, gravel, or concrete. But if your dog likes it better to be indoor and does not spend enough time walking, you should groom their claws regularly.

Things to Keep in Mind While Grooming Your Dog’s Nails

Tools required for grooming your dogs nails- poonch dog food delivery

  • Use small clippers- Unless you have a large breed dog, there is no need for large scissor clippers. Keep them small for better and safe control. 
  • Cleanliness of the tools- Remember to clean the clippers every time after use and before using it for your pets.
  • Check for the sharpness- Make sure that the scissor clippers you use for trimming your pooch’s nails are sharpened enough. 
  • Follow proper steps to cut the nails- Examine your dog’s nail and cut the hard outer shell. Gently place the nail between the blades to avoid making any cuts. Only cut the ends off the nail. Be careful with cutting only the hard part of the nail and not the soft cuticle.
  • For this, you need proper equipment/tools (for trimming), and cotton balls, tissues, or paper towels (for nail cleanup). You can choose from a variety of nail trimmers depending upon the size of your dog’s nails and as per your preference. 


    Sometimes, dogs do not stay still while trimming the nails. If your dog cannot sit still even after every possible try and fights back hard during the trimming process, it is better to leave the job for the professionals.

    Trim your pooch’s nail once or twice a week to keep them in good hygiene and well-groomed.

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