Can my dog spread corona virus?

by Sreeraj Krishnan


Bust your myths about dogs spreading COVID-19 (or Coronavirus).

With the flu affecting the world, the dog parents are worried about their pets to be the carriers of the virus too. In this crucial time, all dog parents should have the right information in hand. 

As per the World Health Organization (WHO), there are various barriers for a virus to be transmitted from humans to dogs or vice versa. 

Good News!

You don’t have to worry about getting infected from your dogs anymore. WHO clearly says that no evidence has proved that your little furry friends can carry or transmit the novel Coronavirus. So, do not fear him and spend quality time with him while at home. 

Ignore the myths 

dogs and corona

Photo by healthline


The myths about pets being the carriers of Coronavirus has spread widely across the world. Many people have already abandoned their dogs on the roads.

While the government urges people to stop disowning their dogs, it is also important for you to know the real facts. 

Even the report from the CDC states that there is no evidence that companion animals can spread COVID-19. So, take a relief breath because CDC hasn't received any reports of dogs becoming sick with COVID-19.

The evidence from virus spread has shown that animals don't seem to be at a risk. Veterinarians believe that it is safe to keep a pet and pet parents need not abandon their dogs. 

Is it safe to pet your dog?

In recent days, posts have circulated over social media claiming that pet owners are abandoning their pets. But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms that there is no need to fear your pets. The veterinary experts around the world have said that they do not believe in dogs getting infected or being the carriers of novel Coronavirus.

So, there is no risk in petting your dogs and no need to maintain distance from them. The need of the hour is to be careful with their health and protect them from the spreading infections as well.

Measures to protect your dogs

Don’t be afraid of your furry companions and hug them right away. Embrace their presence and enjoy their company in this time of social distancing.

Even your dogs require care from spreading infections. So, follow these measures and keep them safe with you.

  • Experts recommend- if you test positive with COVID-19 or have been exposed to novel Coronavirus, restrict contact with your pets.
  • To reduce the chances of spreading infection, wipe your dog’s paw regularly.
  • While taking them for a walk, avoid getting in contact with any person exposed to COVID-19, even in the past times. Do not use a face mask for your dogs as it may lead to breathing difficulties. 
  • Give your dog regular bath and massage (this way, you can utilize your days at home and also make your dog feel good).
  • Consult a veterinarian if you observe any change in your dog’s health.

How can you spend this time happily with your dogs?

 can dogs spread coronavirus

Photo by Luiza Sayfullina on Unsplash

Spending time alone at home is quite boring. But spending it with your little furry friend can be interesting. Take him for a walk, bathe him, play with him and pass this time giving him more love and care.

In this tough time, your dog requires care and love as much as you do.

While you remain quarantined, spend leisure time with your dog. Here's how you can have the best time at home with your dogs- 

  • Do some grooming- Pampering and grooming are all that your dogs wish for. Host a spa-day, once a week for your pets and pamper them every day with something new. Remove dead hair and brush their coats. Snuggle and cuddle all day long.
  • Take them for a walk- Experts suggest that dogs appreciate a walk. So even if you are quarantined, walk them in your backyard. If in any case, you can’t go out, then take a walk with them on your terrace. One way or the other, you just have to give them a good walk.
  • Play games- When you are looking to spend idle time at home, have quality playtime with your furry companion. Find a ball or roll a pair of socks and play with your little bud. Play tug-of-war or use empty toilet rolls to entertain them.

Well, it is better to stay at home these days. But don’t get carried away by any misinformation you get.

Cuddle your pet companions and maintain distance from humans!