Can I feed table scraps to my dog?

by Surya Gopal

Big brown woeful eyes looking at your table, asking you for food? 

Well, no one can ignore that puppy face and pleasing head tilts. While your little furry friend adores the meal at the table, it is not always a good idea to share it with them. 

The food on your table might be healthy for you, but you should investigate it before giving it to your dogs. Feeding your dogs with the table scraps or tidbits is not always healthy for their body.

Moderating the Table Scraps

Can I Feed Table Scraps To My Dogs Poonch

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Serving the table scraps to your dogs is adding more calories to their natural diet. If you feed your dogs with a complete and balanced diet, adding more calories can turn out to be quite unhealthy for your pet’s body. Obesity is the primary problem among dogs and serving them with leftovers will only lead to an increase in their caloric intake. 

Dogs should also not receive more than 10% of their daily caloric intake from treats. Also, you should try to balance it with the total caloric intake of the day. 

You can opt for feeding them with a scrap of beef, cooked meat, a cup of popcorn (all without salt and butter), and some fruits and veggies that are fit for their health. 

Digestion Struggles from Table Scraps

The metabolization system of dogs is completely different from humans. Feeding them with any scraps from your table without checking on it can upset their stomach. It may lead to diarrhea or constipation problems, or even lethargic behaviour.

Can I Feed Table Scraps To My Dogs Poonch

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Even the food that you find to be healthy for your body can be unhealthy for theirs. The sauce, salt, and spices can react badly in their body, making them sick. Serving them with table scraps often can cause health problems like- gastrointestinal upset, pancreatitis, toxin exposure, and bone splinters.

All you can do is, serve them with the scraps that are low in calories, fat, and salt and can be counted as a healthy food item for dogs.

Foods you can feed as a treat-

  • Fruits like watermelons, apples, strawberries
  • Cooked vegetables (without salt and spices)
  • Plain raw pumpkin
  • Bits of fish, pork, turkey, or beef .

Foods you should not feed as a treat- 

  • Grapes
  • Bakery products, sweets, and candies
  • Onions and garlic
  • Chocolates
  • Salt and sugar


You can feed them some healthy scraps as mentioned above, but doing that often will make your dogs beg for food whenever you are having a meal. So, feed them with table scraps only once or twice a week. Follow a proper feeding schedule and provide your dogs with a healthy, nutritious, and balanced diet.

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