5 Key Commands to Teach Your Dogs

by Surya Gopal

Every dog parent wants their happy puppy to obey what they say and be disciplined always, right? 

Well, you can easily teach your dogs to respond to your basic commands. Having well-trained dogs can even be very helpful in dealing with their problematic behaviours. 

Sit, Come, Stay, Down, Leave It-these 5 commands can make your dogs disciplined and obedient as well. Teaching them with some basics will not only improve their behaviour but also strengthen the bond between you two.


Basic Commands to Train Your Dogs

It is not necessary to take a dog-training class; you can even train your pooch at home by yourself. All you need to do is start working with your dogs at home on the listed commands-


Sit command training, fresh dog food delivery

Sit is a very useful and easy command to teach your dogs. You can start by teaching them the “Sit” command first.

  • Hold a small treat in front of their nose, but don’t let them take it.
  • When they try to get the treat, slowly raise the treat, allowing their head to follow the treat and causing the bottom to lower.
  • Once they fold their legs in the sitting position, say “Sit”.
  • The instant they sit completely, give them the treat.

Repeat this a few times every day until your pooch is ready to follow it whenever they are asked to sit. Then ask them to sit whenever they are required to be calm and seated.


Come command training, fresh dog food delivery

Teach your dogs with the “Come” command, to call them back whenever you lose grip on the leash or leave the door open.

  • Put a collar and leash on your dogs.
  • Pull the leash gently and say “Come”.
  • When they come to you, reward them with a treat.

Repeat this several times a day if possible. Once they are mastered doing it with a leash, you can try calling them without a leash in a very small room or fenced area where they can’t go far. 


Down command training, fresh dog food delivery

This can be a difficult command to teach your pooch. You can make it a bit easier for your dogs by being generous and relaxed.

  • Find a good smelling treat and hold it in a closed fist.
  • Move the treat close to your dog’s nose, so that they smell it. Then move your hand towards the floor, so they follow.
  • Slide your hand along the ground so that their body follows their head as well.
  • Once they are in the down position, say “Down” and offer them the treat.

Repeat this every day. If your dog pounces towards the treat or sits up, move the treat away and say “no”. Don’t push them to their down position rather encourage each step they take.


Stay command training, fresh dog food delivery

“Stay” is a useful command to tell your dogs to maintain the position they are in. Before practicing this command, be sure that your dog follows the “Sit” command.

  • First, ask them to Sit.
  • Keep a treat on your palm and open the palm in front of yourself and say “Stay”.
  • Take a few steps back and see if they stay in their position or not. Reward them with the treat if they follow your command.
  • Gradually increase the number of steps you take before offering them the treat.
  • Always reward them for staying put, even if it’s for a few seconds.

Have patience if your dogs take longer to learn this command. They are always willing to move around, so don’t be discouraged and train them patiently.

Leave It

Leave it command training, fresh dog food delivery

This is an effective command that enables your dogs not to touch everything they see or smell. To teach them with this command, you must ensure that whatever you are offering them is more worthwhile than the object they desire to get.

  • Place a treat in both your hands.
  • Show them one enclosed fist having a treat inside and say, “Leave It”.
  • Let them bark, sniff, or lick your fist.
  • Once they stop trying, give them the treat from your other hand.
  • Repeat until your pooch learns to move away from the first fist whenever you command “Leave It”.
  • Only offer them the treat when they move away from the first fist and look up at you willingly.

Once your pup learns to move away from the first fist and makes eye contact on the command, asking for the treat inside the other hand, they are all set.


Do not rush things to make training faster and easier for yourself. Be patient, consistent, and generous with your little furry friends. Your pooch struggles equally while learning new things, so show them affection and reward them well for each command they learn.

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