Poonch vs Pedigree

by Surya Gopal

Pedogree dog food vs poonch fresh food


Are you looking for the perfect food choices for your dog?

We know that finding the best food for your dogs can be difficult and confusing. However, one of the most popular choices of every dog owners is Pedigree. But according to the recent studies,  your dogs actually need a regular diet consisting of fresh and healthy food

Here’s a comparison of your trusted brand Pedigree and our fresh dog food to make you understand why it is important for your dog to have access to freshly prepared, healthy food.


Pedigree Poonch-Food
Contains grains Grain-free
Chicken by-products Human grade whole meat, organic
Processed Freshly cooked
Mass-produced Personalised for each dog
Added preservatives, colours & dyes No added-preservatives, colours or dyes


Ingredients and Quality

Poonch vs pedigree ,ingredients section



Pedigree is one of the most commonly accepted processed food available for your dogs. The major ingredients of Pedigree are as follows:

  • Ground Whole Grain Corn
  • Meat and bone meal
  • Corn gluten meal
  • Animal fat 
  • Soybean meal
  • Dried plain beet pulp
  • Ground whole grain wheat
  • Natural flavour
  • chicken by-product meal

If you would like to know how these ingredients influence your dogs, you can read it here.

Pedigree mainly uses the by-products of meat. It means, your dog is fed with the animal refuse that cannot be used for its meat. It can be anything including their blood, hoof, horn, hide trimming or stomach parts. Therefore, the quality of the meat that finally reaches your dogs is compromised.

Another major ingredient of Pedigree is Corn or Soybean. These plant-based nutrients are difficult for your dogs to be absorbed, especially when they are processed.

 Pedigree also comes with added preservatives, colours and dyes which can harm your dogs.


Poonch presents a variety of recipes for your pups to relish. Our ingredients are simple and fresh.  We use natural ingredients and raw materials, that you can rely upon. The meat we use is 100% organic, free of ammonia and antibiotics. 

Poonch food is prepared to keep your dogs healthy. Therefore, we do not add any artificial ingredients to it. Moreover, the chicken that is used is of human-grade quality and not its by-products. We also make use of the organs like gizzard and liver to enhance your dog’s health.

 A variety of farm-fresh vegetables are gently cooked along with superfoods like chia seeds, kelp, flaxseed etc to preserve all its nutrient values. Prepared in a clean and human-grade FSSAI kitchen, Poonch food contains just the right amount of minerals and nutrients that your dog needs.

Fresh food is especially recommended for your dogs as they reduce the chances of your dogs being affected by diseases like cancer.


Customised Feeding Plan



Pedigree provides wet and dry food varieties for dogs. Every dog requires a certain amount of food which consists of the right amount of minerals and proteins. This depends on their age, size etc. Pedigree, that is mass-produced, does not offer any customised options for your dogs. You can open the pack and serve it to your dogs directly in approximate quantities. Even though they mention the feeding guidelines, it is very difficult to strictly follow it.


 As said, according to your dog’s breed, size, activity level etc, it is important to follow the feeding guidelines for them. Insufficient or excess feeding can lead to many irreversible illnesses in your dog. That is why Poonch follows personalised feeding guidelines, particularly for your dogs.

 According to your dog’s requirements, food is prepared in appropriate quantities for your dogs. These are then equally distributed in separate packets according to each serving.  This is how Poonch ensures that your dog gets the right amount of food every time. We also provide customised ingredients options for dogs that suffer from allergies to particular food items.


Delivery and Packaging



Pedigree can be bought from any supermarket or nearby shops. It is available in different measurements in dry and wet forms.  You can also buy Pedigree from E-Commerce websites including Amazon, BigBasket etc. It comes in standard pouches and ready to be served.


 Poonch Food works on a simple subscription model. All you have to do is answer the questionnaire that seeks the basic information about your dog so that we can prepare an ideal feeding guideline for them. Further, Poonch food will be delivered to you at your homes or any place of your convenience. The subscription plans are quite simple and flexible.  It reaches you from the nearest facility available in your location.

 Every time you’ll receive a few quantities of frozen packets that can be stocked up for later use. It comes frozen and the box in which the Poonch food is delivered will also have ice packs to keep them frozen. Several packets will be delivered at a time. You can stock these in your freezers and those packets which are to be served within a few hours have to be placed in the refrigerator (out of the freezer). You can either serve the yummy food directly to your dog when they are hungry or slightly heat it if you feel it's too cold for them.


Summing Up

Poonch vs Pedigree Summary,A dog over the wall

 Unlike Pedigree, Poonch food is not processed, rather it’s healthy and prepared fresh in human-grade kitchens. 

 Although Poonch food might be expensive compared to Pedigree, you should know that fresh food comes with a slightly higher cost and better results.

 Once you switch into fresh food, the results that come over in your dogs can be amazing. If you are sceptical about switching into Poonch food all of a sudden, you can choose to partially replace the processed food with Poonch food. Avail trial packs to see the results for yourself and choose wisely.


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