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Healthier Portions of Meals That Are Easy For You Too!

Experts Approve Poonch
We know how much your pets mean to you. So, we partnered we veterinary nutritionists to create fresh recipes for every dog. We follow all AAFCO standards and cook our meals in FSSAI grade kitchens to deliver the most high-quality diets.
Visible Health Benefits
Starting with fresh food comes with a number of health improvements for every dog- improved digestion, good skin and shinier coat, a stronger immune system, better poop, and increased vitality.
Easy to Serve
We portion the meals as per every dog’s caloric requirements. Every pack is pre-made and ready to serve directly to your pup’s. Take the pack out of the refrigerator, tear it up, and pour it into the bowl with a pinch of love.
Delivery Right At Your Doorstep
You need not go to the market to buy processed food for your dogs anymore! Just place your order and we’ll deliver fresh food directly to your home. You’ll receive the food on a regular schedule with flexible subscription options.
Fresh ingredientsFresh ingredients
Convenient deliveriesConvenient deliveries