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Feed items that you would eat.

Meat-first recipes — Meat is at the forefront of all of our recipes — but not just any meat — real, high-quality antibiotic-residue free and preservatives free.

Fruit— Blueberries, cranberries and apples pack a nutritive punch, providing your pup with vitamins and antioxidants. From kale to sweet potatoes, veggies are a rich source of dietary fiber for digestive health (good poops!).

Superfoods— Like Chia, Flax seeds contain a significant amount of the omega-3 fatty acid ALA, which is great for healthy heart and brain function. Kelp powder’s iodine content supports your pupper’s entire glandular system and promotes healthy metabolism

Zero fillers — When you take away the fillers (rice, soy, corn), byproducts, and artificial flavorings, you’re left with good, clean food.

We promise to never put anything in your dog’s bowl that we wouldn’t eat ourselves.