Chef-cooked healthy meals delivered for your dog

Personalised Meals - Ready to Eat - Human Grade Food



Cooked fresh, ready-to-serve meals full of fresh fruits & vegetables — no artificial additives, preservatives or fillers.


Our proprietary algorithm calculates the perfect meal plan for your pup’s unique needs.


Skip the trip to the pet store. Meals are delivered directly to your door. Just open the box, defrost and serve.

Human-grade ingredients you can trust

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Formulated by veterinary nutritionists

We’re using quality and safety standards never before seen in the pet food industry — and the result is food safe enough that humans could eat it, but perfectly nutritionally balanced for dogs.

Rethinking Pet Food

By sending food directly to you, we can invest in better ingredients and fresher food. The kind of quality never found in a store.


Powders like “Chicken Meal” can contain meatfrom diseased livestock.


Natural and/or artificial preservatives can keep pet foods shelf-stable for years.

Brown Pellets

Kibble is extremely processed regardless of the ingredient claims (or pictures).

Label Tricks

Foods can hide behind misleading bags. “Made with beef” can mean just 3% beef.

A personalized plan, just for your pup.

Every dog is different—why should their food all be the same?

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